Unstuck it!

I had the opportunity this past weekend to experience something super incredible which included a transformation in the way I will live the rest of my life. When Jesus transformed me back in 1998, I found my purpose in life but along the way, over the last 20 years, my engine picked up a little gunk and I found myself stuck. I desperately wanted to find a way to Unstuck it.

Expecting much from fellow Christians, I found myself disappointed quite often. As a result of disappointment, I began constructing walls to protect my heart. Building small walls of protection seemed like a wise idea but when I looked back and realized I had built a city of walls to protect myself, I was a bit overwhelmed. The walls had filled my engine with gunk and I found myself stuck in neutral. It’s quite depressing to know your purpose in life but realizing you are stuck in neutral and the gear shift won’t move into drive no matter how much human force is applied.

Are you feeling stuck? Have you forgiven but find yourself still haunted with memories of disappointment? Are there broken relationships in your life? Do you feel like a ten thousand pound weight is preventing you from chasing your God given purpose in life? Do you long for a way to accelerate your path towards fulfilling your purpose in life? ARE YOU STUCK? If you resonate with any of those feelings, allow me to introduce you to The Encounter Training! It will unstuck you!

The Encounter Training is a four day intensive training built on Biblical principles and led by highly skilled Christian people. God has gifted these folks to lead you through some intensive exercises that will help you become aware of the gunk in your engine while discovering a way to clean it out to get you running like brand new Tesla! They will be hosting the next Encounter Training in Brentwood, TN April 12-15. The cost is $399 but they are offering an early registration at $279 if you register by February 12 and use code LEVELUP2018. Trust me, it is worth every dime you pay for it.

If you have any questions about The Encounter Training, feel free to contact me via at keithstancil@gmail.com and I’d be happy to answer whatever I can.