The Role Model For Fame

So many of us humans chase fame. If we are honest, probably every single one of us possess a desire to be known. Something deep in our soul drives us to pursue high profile careers, record contracts, Youtube views, Facebook Likes, number 1 songs, Heisman trophies, community status and countless other honorable positions. The ironic thing is that the most famous person to ever walk the earth had no desire for any of those things.

Sketches - 90The role model of fame had no earthly possessions. He had no website, no Facebook account, no Instagram account. He never won an election, a baseball game, scholarship or talent contest. He never secured a single radio add, Dove Award or Grammy. He wandered the earth with no wheels, no crib, and no iPhone.

The most famous person of all time didn’t pursue fame. He was merely born to die for us.

Happy Birthday Jesus!

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