Something New For Christmas

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching as we all begin to shift into Christmas mode and prepare to get pummeled with commercialism. It’s quite easy to do exactly what we do every Christmas season and move into auto-mode. What if we tried something different this year? Something that adds a new flavor and breaks us out of the routine of the usual?

The folks at ^Loftr have done just that this year through introducing, CHRISTMAS VIBE, a new Christmas playlist full of songs you may not have heard before. As I gave it a listen this week, I found myself focusing more on the lyrics about the Christmas story than I do when listening to the familiar music I normally hear to this time of year. I’d encourage you to give it a listen and try something new. While you are at it add a few more new things to your Christmas celebration this year and celebrate the birth of Jesus, our Lord & Savior with a new zeal!