Politics of Worship Teams

If you live in Nashville, you are well aware our city is crawling with incredible musicians, songwriters and vocalists. These musicians fill the platforms of churches every weekend to usher God’s people into worship. Some get paid while others volunteer but most all have one thing in common, they are well versed in the politics of worship teams.

I’ve heard many stories of musicians who feel called to serve on worship teams but they just can’t break through the politics. Granted, churches need filters in place to ensure the musicians on stage are proficient on their instruments, true Jesus followers and have a genuine desire to be a part of a worship team as opposed to using the platform as a stage to showcase. That’s not an easy task in a town of musicians who serve the country and Christian music business. Some who land worship positions at key churches can be very territorial.

This week, I spent some time with a musician who moved to Nashville from Australia a year ago. In Australia, he served at Hillsong directing some fairly big worship teams. My friend is an incredibly talented musician on both keyboard and guitar and probably one of the nicest fellows one could hope to meet. Upon arriving to Nashville, he landed in a church full of musicians and songwriters. This particular musician spent a year serving his new church in numerous ways including setting up chairs and various other things required for a church that meets in a temporary meeting place. I’ve gotten to know him quite well and it was obvious from the outset of our friendship that his Jesus following heart is in the right place. This musician isn’t looking for money or a place to showcase on the stage but instead looking to serve his church using the talents God has given him. Feeling called to serve on the worship team, he began trying to network with the leaders of the church and members of the worship team to let them know his desire to audition for the worship team. Unfortunately, the politics of worship at this church won’t even allow him to audition.

I’m sure some of you reading this post have had similar experiences. While it can be frustrating, I would encourage you to use the time to really listen to God. Is he teaching you something through the experience or is he telling you to move on to another church that needs your talents?  I’d love to hear how God helps you navigate the politics of worship teams.