Is That God Calling?

IMG_7173Do you feel called by God to be a musician? I often wonder if the word “called” is misused. We are all called to make Jesus famous with The Great Commission but does God call us to play guitar or sing? I would offer the supposition that God calls us all for the same purpose which is to make Jesus famous but he gives us varying platforms to use for that purpose. Instead of saying “God called me to be an artist” I think it makes more sense to say “God called me to make Jesus famous and he has given me specific skills and a platform to carry out the calling through music.”

Platforms come in all shapes and sizes. A fast food drive-thru window, a corporate board room, a meal wagon serving the homeless, a major league sports field, or an arena concert for twenty thousand people can all serve the same purpose. The platform God gives us is our sphere of influence. Our “calling” is to make Jesus famous.