Imagine A Church With No Walls

Imagine a Church With No Walls. A group of Jesus followers, with no physical building, who meet to hear Jesus’ teachings and then scatter amongst the community to live out the teaching through sharing the good news of the Gospel with others, loving on our neighbors and discipling those who believe. Sound a bit like the early New Testament church?

Noah Cleveland is an recording artist focused on making Jesus famous. He recently released the song  “Church With No Walls” which encourages listeners to to go beyond the walls of the Church to share the good news of Jesus with others through action. Inspired by his own lyrics, Noah penned a book, Church With No Walls A 21-Day Challenge, as a tool  to encourage Believers to begin the daily exercise of living out God’s Word outside of our weekly church attendance. Fellow ministry partner, Tony Nolan, wrote the forward for the book and each chapter contains a word of encouragement from pastors and Christian leaders around the world along with a daily action challenge. Church With No Walls A 21-Day Challenge serves as a great ministry action book for churches, youth groups, women or men’s group and small groups. I’m personally looking forward to taking the challenge in early 2018!

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