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If you found your way to this page you are probably wondering “what is FFJN University?” Well, thanks for dropping by and welcome to our University admissions department!

God laid the concept for Finding Fame in Jesus’ Name University on my heart a few years back and writing the book Creating Monsters was the catalyst to step out and launch. My experience in the Christian music industry has revealed a serious need. While the industry provides excellent tools and encouragement to artists for songwriting, recording, and touring, there is an absence of spiritual mentoring. I believe the spiritual well being and walk with Jesus should be the top priority in any Christian’s life. Success in the entertainment profession can bring serious challenges to one’s walk with Jesus and I have a desire to equip and encourage those on the journey. While there are numerous great churches that serve as a home base for artists, musicians, songwriters, actors and entertainment business personnel, I find that many creatives are slow to assimilate themselves deep into their church out of fear of being truly known. Our desire is to remove that fear by offering a safe place to be real while being equipped to navigate the path of potential fame with excellence.

Finding Fame in Jesus’ name University is launching in 2017. If you are interested, please apply below. We will be reviewing applications over the next few months and will inform you if you are accepted for our ten week class. Candidates must be committed to make the class a priority above all other activities in their life for the ten classes. The benefits will be invaluable!