Experience The Character of God

New 365 Day Devotional From Dave Buehring

As we jump into 2018 with a vigor for fresh beginnings, many of us look to implement new daily routines for enhancing our physical, spiritual and mental health. I can’t think of a better daily activity than experiencing more of God. A friend of mine, Dave Buehring, has launched a daily 2 minute devotional to help us experience the character of God. As a super gifted pastor, communicator and teacher, Dave packs big nuggets in two minutes . I’m on day 2 and loving the impact the devotional is having on my daily experience with God!

Dave has served as a mentor to many folks in the entertainment industry. Below are a few testimonials from Jeremy Camp, Mandisa and Sara Evans.

Visit Dave’s website davebuehring.com to subscribe to these wonderful daily devotionals.