Easing God Out

Do you ever find yourself pumped up with pride when sharing your art with the world? Maybe you feel like your art is better than the art of your colleagues and certainly deserving of recognition and awards for its incredibleness? You aren’t alone as many creatives feel this way about their art. We want recognition for the art we create. Radio chart position, monthly streaming listeners, ticket sales and awards are some of the barometers we use to measure our artistic merit. While we may recognize our ego, we find it easy to justify because our art is special and deserving of recognition. I’ve heard some say artists are unique and and should be given extra grace for their ego. Interestingly, I have yet to find that anywhere in God’s word.

My wife has an acronym for the word ego, Easing God Out, which is exactly what happens when we begin feeling like the art we create is superior and deserving of recognition. Anyone ready to Ease God Out?