Do You Know What You Believe?

A simple but essential question for creatives “Do You Know What You Believe?” God has given you a platform for a special purpose. He made you unique and filled you with a creative gift. It is impossible to maximize your gift and purpose, without first knowing what you believe.

In the past few years, the growing trend of deconstruction has emerged. Many have found deconstruction as a way to grab attention. Rob Bell was catapulted to great heights as he sensationalized he disbelief in Hell. While chastised by core Bible believing Christians, the world embraced Rob making him an even bigger rock star. Soon after followed Michael Gunger who built a music following amongst “cool & trendy Christians” only to walk away from his faith after deep thinking his way out of faith in Jesus. This month author Joshua Harris and Hillsong songwriter, Marty Sampson, both announced they are walking away from the faith they built their careers on.

The irony is most of those celebrity Christian leaders who announce their deconstruction want to take other Jesus followers with them on their journey of walking away. If we follow sensational creative leaders while they appear to use their platform for Kingdom building, how do we process and react when they announce they are walking away from the belief that initially drew us to their platform? One thing is sure, if we don’t have a grasp on what and why we believe, the temptation to follow them over the edge will be difficult to resist. Those creative leaders who walk away don’t loose or denounce their charisma, they merely switch teams.

The enemy is lurking and waiting with the forbidden fruit in his hand, ready to offer it to each of us at the perfect time. Will you take and eat the fruit when follow the “cool & trendy” presents itself to you? Do you have a rock solid knowledge of who, what and why you believe?