Add Some Loft To Your Day

I thought you might be interested in adding some Loft to your day. A new playlist brand launched this week called ^Loftr With six new Spotify playlists, there is a little something for a wide range of musical taste. The playlists are curated collections of music created by Believers and include music from some mainstream artists who have been vocal about their faith and some faith-based artists that you may not be aware of.

And speaking of adding loft to your day, do you have a daily regiment to help usher you into the presence of Jesus? Everyone is different but I’ve found filling my mind with prayer, reading and music about the God of our universe, sets the stage for how my day will flow. I long to feel his presence throughout my day no matter what tasks I may be tackling. When I fail to welcome Jesus into my day, I feel disconnected and my day doesn’t go so well. I’d love to hear from some of you. What do you do to Lift your day?